GPU Transcoders: NVIDIA Badaboom vs ATI Avivo

NVIDIA Badaboom GPU Transcoder

ATI Avivo GPU Transcoder

NVIDIA Badaboom and ATI Avivo Video Converter are the current solutions to transcode video using the power of GPUs. Badaboom is based on CUDA and costs around 30$US while Avivo Video Converter is based on ATI Stream and is free and is included with Catalyst 8.12.

ATI Avivo is faster than Badaboom in all situations:

NVIDIA Badaboom VS ATI Avivo

But ATI Avivo requires much more CPU power than NVIDIA Badaboom:

NVIDIA Badaboom VS ATI Avivo - CPU Usage

Avivo is clealy faster than Badaboom but there are some artifacts on the transcoded video that don’t exist with Badaboom.


  • NVIDIA Badaboom:
    – 30$US
    – few CPU needs
    – good transcoding quality
  • ATI Avivo:
    – Free
    – CPU demanding
    – faster than Badaboom
    – some artifacts may appear.


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