FurMark 1.5.0 Graphics Card Stability Test Available!

FurMark, the popular graphics card stability test and OpenGL graphics benchmark, is available in version 1.5.0. This new version fixes a bug that occurs with ForceWare 180 series. On the new things side, FurMark adds a GPU temperature logger, a more intensive GPU stability test, and the avaibility of the startup interface in several languages. More information in changelog at the end of the post.

You can download FurMark 1.5.0 here:
Download FurMark 1.5.0 Version 1.5.0

A complete HowTo about ALL command line parameters (old and new) is available HERE.

FurMark in Chinese
FurMark in English

FurMark in Chinese
FurMark in Chinese

FurMark Xtreme Burning
FurMark Xtreme Burning Mode

FurMark 1.5.0 ChangeLog:

  • New: added GPU temperature log facility. If enabled, a log file (gpu-temperature.xml) is generated
    (in Stability Test mode only) to log degrees celcius and fahrenheit as well as elapsed time.
  • New: benchmark results can be logged in a file (FurMark-Scores.txt). This feature is useful in command line
    when starting multiple tests. See Run-Multiple-Tests.bat for an example.

  • New: added a postprocessing pass in Stability Test mode to make the test more intensive.
  • New: in benchmarking mode, score is returned to Windows. Useful for command line scripts.
  • New: startup dialog box is available in several languages. If you want to translate FurMark, feel free
    to send the translated xml file (see gui-english.xml in FurMark folder for an example). Of course, your credits
    will be added on FurMark’s homepage). Current translations: english, french, chinese (traditional and simplified)
    and german.
  • New: added key F9 to make a screenshot (windowed or fullscreen but in Stability Mode only).
  • New: added checkbox for Xtreme Burning Mode.
  • Change: Xtreme Burning mode is more gpu-intensive…
  • Bugfix: improved OpenGL rendering context to support new ForceWare 180.xx series.
  • Bugfix: the QXSGA 2560×2048 resolution was not operational.


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