[Geeks3D HowTo] Know FurMark’s Command Line Parameters

FurMark has a GUI or Graphical User Interface but also offers command line parameters. With command line parameters you can control more precisely how FurMark is launched and most of all you can launch multiple times FurMark with different paramaters and log all results in a single result file. This feature is useful for graphics cards reviews and graphics drivers tests.

That said, let’s see the parameters.

  • /nogui : does not display the startup GUI.
  • /nomenubar : does not display the menu bar in windowed mode.
  • /noscore: does not display the final score box
  • /fullscreen: starts FurMark in fullscreen mode
  • /width : specifies the screen width – Default: 1280
  • /height : specifies the screen height – Default: 1024
  • /msaa : specifies the MSAA level – Default: 0
  • /run_mode : specifies the run mode: 1 for benchmark, and 2 for stability test – Default: 1
  • /contest_mode : 1 to enable the contest mode or 0 to disable it – Default: 0 – Contest mode allows an online score submission.
  • /max_time : specifies the benchmark max time (run_mode=1) in milliseconds – Default: 60000
  • /max_frames : specifies the benchmark max number of frames (run_mode=1) – Default: -1 (-1 means that max_frames is not used).
  • /app_process_priority : specifies FurMark process priority – Default: 32 (NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS) – See Win32 API for possible values.
  • /app_cpu_affinity : specifies FurMark main thread CPU affinity – Default: 1 (first CPU core)
  • /rendering_cpu_affinity : specifies FurMark rendering thread CPU affinity – Default: 2 (second CPU core).
  • /xtreme_burning : sets FurMarks in a mode that overburns the GPU…
  • /log_temperature: writes GPU temperature to file (gpu-temperature.xml). This feature is useful for overclocking. FurMark 1.5.0+
  • /log_score : writes benchmak’s result to file (FurMark-Score.txt). FurMark 1.5.0+
  • /disable_catalyst_warning : disable warning message box when Catalyst 8.8+ is detected. See here and here for more information. FurMark 1.5.0+

As you can see, there are many parameters allowing a quite fine tuning. Need an example? Ok. The follwing example starts several times FurMark with different resolutions and log results in FurMark-Scores.txt:

@echo off
echo Call Test 1...
call FurMark.exe /width=640 /height=480 /msaa=4 /max_time=60000 
/nogui /nomenubar /noscore /run_mode=1 /log_score 
echo Test 1 complete OK.
echo Call Test 2...
call FurMark.exe /width=1024 /height=768 /msaa=4 /max_time=60000 
/nogui /nomenubar /noscore /run_mode=1 /log_score 
echo Test 2 complete OK.
echo Call Test 3...
call FurMark.exe /width=1280 /height=1024 /msaa=4 /max_time=60000 
/fullscreen /nogui /nomenubar /noscore /run_mode=1 /log_score 
echo Test 3 complete OK.

This example comes from the file Run-Multiple-Tests.bat in FurMark’s folder (version 1.5.0+).

For french readers only: Connaitre les Paramètres en Ligne de Commande de FurMark @ Geeks3D VF