Unbelievable Direct3D 11 Screenshots. Why? Because They’re FAKE!

Direct3D 11 Tech Demo

Guys, Cinema 2.0 is there!

Direct3D 11 Tech Demo

Direct3D 11 Tech Demo


***These Images are FAKE***

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For french readers only: Captures d’Ecran de Direct3D 11 Vraiment Incroyables @ Geeks3D VF

6 thoughts on “Unbelievable Direct3D 11 Screenshots. Why? Because They’re FAKE!”

  1. Jeff

    I was wandering that the pics are fake… maybe taken from flickr ;P

    reminds me those fake screenshots of 3dmark vantage before it’s release…

  2. nigouwre

    They are NOT photographs! They are definitely rendered images. The third image (house) is one I’ve seen used as a render image elsewhere. The quality isn’t even that good for a render — the first image textures are too stretched out, the second has *no* haze at the horizon, and the third is just poor overall (look closely at the driveway). I think these are more a demo of the capabilities of DirectX 11 when used for global illumination, which, if these are rendered with acceptable frame rates, would definitely be impressive.

  3. saew

    Of course they’re fake. You can download the DX11 SDK CTP from microsoft and see the help… there is no ray tracing there.

    On the other hand, those images are clearly digital renders ( probably done with Modo 302 seeing the micro-displacement on the stair’s pores ). The sea one I think it could be done in realtime, like the house(it’s near Crysis quality)… but the stairs one seems to use multi-bounced GI, accurate subsurface scattering(seems with spectral correction too) and high-quality soft penumbra shadows, which is very hard to render in realtime today.

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