ATI Catalyst 8.11 Hotfix With Direct3D and OpenGL Enhancements

Catalyst 8.11 Graphics Drivers Hotfix

ATI has released a new hotfix for Catalyst 8.11 graphics drivers. This hotfix improves performance in various Direct3D and OpenGL applications on the X58 platform.

You can download this hotfix here: Catalyst 8.11 Hotfix.


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  • matrem

    In 8.10 and 8.11 (included this hotfix) it seem that rendering to depth texture with fbo when alpha test is enabled doesn’t work (Wth 8.7, and on nvidia card it’s work…).

  • Not 8.11 HotFix

    This is not the 8.11 hotfix. It’s a mislabeled 8.10 hotfix