Unigine Tropic Tech Demo and Benchmark in OpenGL and Direct3D

Ahhh cool, the developpers of Unigine engine have released a new tech demo that can also be used as a benchmark. The demo supports all modern graphical APIs: DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL. Both Windows and Linux version are available.



  • Stefan

    Excellent demo.

    Unfortunately DX9 mode doesn’t work under Vista64 (XP32 is OK)
    D3D9Texture::create(): can’t create RGBA16F cube texture

    They could have used their crabs for “crowd scene rendering” 😀

  • Too bad, my 8600 GTS doesn’t seem to like it… Even in 640*480 windowed mode, I am not above 20-30 FPS !

  • Stefan

    After checking misc. DX9 apps, it appeared that “shader model 3” had vanished on my rig, thus requiring a repair install of Vista64.
    Sorry for confusion.