NVIDIA and ATI Cards Working Together Side-by-Side, This Is Revolutionary!

The guys at hardspell.com have tested a system with a Radeon HD 3850 for the graphics rendering and a GeForce 9600 GT for the PhysX:

They used the oZone3D.Net PhysX FluidMark to compare CPU PhysX (score=759) and Hardware PhysX (score=2909). This is the proof that Radeon and GeForce can work together for a better gaming experience!


The functionality of CUDA and its implementation of GPU-accelerated PhysX processing has benefited many a GeForce user. Users of ATI accelerators lacking this incentive either use Ageia PhysX card or avoid it altogether. It has been verified by Hardspell that in an environment where Radeon accelerator(s) do graphics processing, a GeForce accelerator can be used standalone to process PhysX. Hardspell used a Radeon HD 3850 along with a GeForce 9600 GT on the same system with the display connected to the Radeon, though no form of multi-GPU graphics connection existed, the GeForce card partnered the Radeon well in processing physics, while the Radeon did graphics. Results of the oZone 3D FluidMark, a benchmark that includes routines to evaluate the machine’s capability in processing physics, showed a greater than 350% increase in scores, showing that the GeForce accelerator is doing its job.

More news about PhysX: PhysX @ Geeks3D
More news about FluidMark: FluidMark @ Geeks3D

12 thoughts on “NVIDIA and ATI Cards Working Together Side-by-Side, This Is Revolutionary!”

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  2. prateik


    i’m a noob in this but there is something that i need to confirm after seeing this article….
    i’ve been using nvidia’s 7300gt 512 mb from last one year and i’m pretty happy with it…..now i just bought a ATI radeon x550 512 mb…i want to use both these graphic card in my system at the same time…i don’t have any second monitor yet..so i wanna use it on a single monitor at the moment…so my question is can i use these stated graphic cards together & will it boost my systems graphic Performance ?If yes then please let me know how..it’s an keen request to all tech guru’s…
    thanks in advance..

  3. Safoda

    Humm thats nice but…. i have a ATI HD 4870 1gb …. and i have a 8600gts and i dont know how to put them working i have a Asus Rampage Extreme motherboard if someone knows how to put this working pls tell me

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  5. NoNone

    you have to have an sli motherboard for 2 nvidia cards of the same kind or a crossfire motherboard for 2 ati cards for it to work.

  6. Safoda

    …..Asus rampage extreme….. i think its one of the best motherboards of x48

  7. Ronny P

    I dont’t understand this, my Mobo has Crossfire support, so I can only run three ATI Radeon cards on it. Can I use SLI on it too, is this what you’re meaning? 😉

  8. silva

    how the hell did they get the drivers working together??? motherboard? which motherboard was used? probably has to support both crossfire and sli,

    the steps on how you got it working? please

  9. JohnnyPhysx

    Ok for you all asking how it was done: There is a nvidia driver hack that patches the nvidia driver allowing you to enable a Physx on an Nvidia GPU when you have an ATI card installed allready as your main rendering GPU. The Geforce card is going to be dedicated for Physx. The hack still work for latest Nvidia drivers. Cheers.

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