ATI Optimizes Catalyst 8.8 to be FurMark-Proof!

Here is an incredible news to start the day: Expreview has found that ATI’s Catalyst 8.8 have been optimized to detect FurMark and downclock the frequencies of a Radeon HD 4850/4870 to avoid to burn the GPU.

So if you have a Radeon HD 4850 or Radeon HD 4870, just rename FurMark.exe in something.exe and you will see the difference!

Expreview has done the test with Quake Wars: Emeny Territory and has renamed etqw.exe to FurMark.exe and saw performance drop from 141.3FPS to 93.7FPS!

I have not a Radeon HD 4000 series but I think that I’m going to buy a Radeon HD 4850 today!

It’s a pain to develop a benchmark to make it running properly on most graphics hardwares and now I have to include in FurMark a Catalyst anit-cheat???? Thanks AMD/ATI….

Why AMD doesn’t contact me directly to find out the problem???


15 thoughts on “ATI Optimizes Catalyst 8.8 to be FurMark-Proof!”

  1. Rafael

    Yes, i have one…
    This is really true!

    [ SCORE: 2094 o3Marks ]
    [ SCORE: 4194 o3Marks ]

    Just 50% of performance!

    Tested on a MSI HD 4870 OC 512/256 780/1000

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