Oolong Engine

Oolong is a C++ / Objective-C engine. It will help you to create new games and port existing games to the iPhone and the iPod touch.

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  • There is another iPhone game engine SIO2, address: http://sio2interactive.com and here is a list of some features:

    * Optimized File Format
    * Unique Package Approach
    * Secure distribution package
    * OpenGL ES v1.1 Compatible
    * Written in pure C/C++

    Tool Chain
    * Built around Blender (WYSIWYG)
    * Exporter & Optimizer

    Real Time Physic (Bullet)
    * Rigid Body
    * Dynamic Body
    * Collision Detection
    * Soft Body

    * Multi-Texturing
    * Texture Filtering
    * Anisotropic Filtering
    * Transparent
    * Semi-Transparent
    * Textures Binding Callbacks
    * Animated Texture
    * DOT3 Support

    Multimedia & Special Effects
    * 3D Ambient & FX Sound
    * Realtime MP3 Quality Playback
    * Realtime MPEG4 Quality Playback
    * Particle System
    * Fog
    * CPU based Vertex Shader
    * Multi-Material Support

    Scene Management
    * Fast Sorting & Culling System
    * Event & Trigger System
    * Scripting Support
    * Network Support (TCP/IP)
    * Touch Screen & Accelerometer

    Lighting & Shadow
    * Per-Vertex
    * Light Mapping
    * Projected Shadow
    * Projected Geometry

    * Full IPO Curve/Path Support
    * Hybrid Skeletal Animation
    * Action Based Animation System
    * Dynamic Physic Support

  • developer

    Do not use SIO2. The license system checks the authors database before it allows you to develop with it. What happens if he gets run over by a bus? That’s the end of your year long dev cycle and no refund of the license cost.
    The author also keeps on changing the license terms. My buddy bought a license when version 2.0 first came out. It allowed him to develop on Windows but target MAC for final deployment. Several months later a new Windows license was introduced and he is now expected to also buy Windows license if he wants to continue developing on Windows. SIO2 claim it was a bug that allowed him to develop on Windows initially. Really?
    AVOID SIO2 if you are serious about game development.