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NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+

1 comment - What do you think?  Posted by JeGX - 2008/06/20 at 09:37

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The new GTX 200 was launched only four days ago and yesterday NVIDIA launched a new card, the GeForce 9800 GTX+ (an overclocked 9800 GTX).
The 9800 GTX+ is the 55nm refresh of G92 – all current 9800-series cards are built on 65nm technology.

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PhysX drivers for GeForce soon available

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The new 177.39 driver allows GeForce 9800 GTX, GTX 280 and GTX 260 to move physX calculations to the GPU, thus improving performance.

NVIDIA is promising for July a new driver that will allow PhysX for the entire nVidia product line.

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Zalman VF900-Cu Ultra Quiet Heatpipe VGA Cooler

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The competition between ATI and NVIDIA is fierce; it’s definitely a buyers market in video cards these days. New chips are coming out every six months and they’re almost always running more transistors, faster. There’s a fair chance that the hottest and noisiest component inside your PC is the video card. Fortunately, the PC cooling industry has responded with some excellent products to keep the GPU heat and noise down. Join Benchmark Reviews as we look at how the Zalman VF900-Cu Ultra Quiet Heat-pipe VGA Cooler saved the day for one system builder.

Read the complete review HERE.

Catalyst 8.6: OpenGL Extensions – Radeon HD 3870

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Voici la liste des extensions OpenGL supportées par les pilotes Catalyst 8.6 pour la Radeon HD 3870 sous Windows XP SP2 32-bit.
Here is the list of OpenGL extensions supported by Catalyst 8.6 drivers for the Radeon HD 3870 under Windows XP SP2 32-bit.

Tiens une nouveauté: il y a une extension en moins:
– GL_ARB_half_float_pixel

Carte graphique utilisée: Radeon HD 3870

Ah ah, there is one extension in less in Cat8.6 in comparison of Cat8.5:
– GL_ARB_half_float_pixel

Graphics card used: Radeon HD 3870
– Operating System: Windows XP SP2 32-bit
– Drivers Version: 8.501.0.0 – Catalyst 08.6
– ATI Catalyst Version String: 08.6
– ATI Catalyst Release Version String: 8.501-080602a-064783C-ATI
– OpenGL Version: 2.1.7659 Release
– GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) Version: 1.20

OpenGL Extensions: 102 extensions

Les extensions des anciens pilotes Catalyst se trouvent ICI.
Vous pouvez utiliser GPU Caps Viewer pour récupérer la liste des extensions de votre carte graphique.
The extensions exposed by the old Catalyst drivers are HERE.
You can use GPU Caps Viewer to retrieve the list of extensions of your graphics card.

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NVIDIA ShaderPerf 2

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NVIDIA ShaderPerf is a command-line shader profiling utility and C API that reports detailed shader performance metrics for a wide range of GPUs.

ShaderPerf wokrs with GLSL vertex and fragment programs, HLSL vertex and pixel shaders and Cg shaders.

ShaderPerf 2.0 includes several new features:
* GeForce 8 series support
* Pixel Shader Differencing
* Vertex Shader Analysis

ShaderPerf outputs the following for any shader that you analyze:
* Cycle count
* Register usage
* Driver-optimized shader instruction list
* Vertex and pixel throughput estimates

More information and download HERE.

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The Incredible Hulk Review

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Making CPU and GPU play nice together

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Do you know what CUDA and OpenCL stand for and how they could make your computer 50 times faster? If so, you can safely jump to the “Ending the mess” section below. Otherwise read on for a gentle introduction.

A computer has two important processing units: the CPU and GPU. Think of them as the two brothers in Rain Man. The GPU is the ultimate autistic savant. He’s really, really good at counting stuff and doing a lot of complex math at the same time.

The CPU is your regular guy. He can do all kinds of stuff that the savant can’t. He goes along well with everybody, as long as they speak English. If he learns to take advantage of the savant, the two of them can do amazing things like count cards at Poker.

In other words, the GPU is natural at some operations that involve repetitive calculations, like those necessary for drawing 3D graphics and doing basic image manipulation.

Read the rest of this article HERE.

ATI Catalyst 8.6

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ATI has just released the new version of their Catalyst graphics drivers for all Radeon-based graphics cards.
Download links:

New Features :

  • OpenGL Adaptive Anti-Aliasing Custom Filters support
  • OpenGL CrossFireX™ (QUAD) support – 3 or 4 GPUs in CrossFire™ mode
  • Catalyst Install enhancement – No reboot required after Catalyst upgrade install

Stay tuned fellow coders, I’ll update shortly the OpenGL extensions list.

OGRE 3D 1.4.9 Released

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GeForce GTX 280 Dual and Triple SLI – tested and reviewed

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GeForce… GTX… 280… so many reviews theses last two days. Where is ATI? Hope with the launch of Radeon HD 4870 we’ll assist to the revenge of Radeon reviews! Anyway, here is a 14-page review by Guru3D about the SLI of GTX 280 in Two and Tri Way.

Read the complete review HERE.

Guru3D’s test system contains a Core 2 Duo X6800 Extreme Processor, the nForce 680i mainboard, a passive water-cooling solution on the CPU, DVD-rom and a WD Raptor drive. The results:
* PC in Idle = 197 Watt
* PC 100% usage (wattage gaming Peak) = 530 Watt (SLI)
* PC 100% usage (wattage gaming Peak) = 749 Watt (3-way SLI)

Alright, the conclusion really doesn’t need to be very long. Money wise high-end SLI and 3-way SLI doesn’t make much sense, and it never will. It’s bragging rights, and only for very few of you with a 30″ monitor actually a wish. See, the GeForce GTX 280 by itself already is a power house.

Because the fact remains that when you factor the money out, the SLI setup as tested today is just an awful frickin lot of fun. I mean playing Call of Duty 4 at 2560×1600 with 4xAA and every possible image quality setting set to the highest possible setting returns an average framerate of nearing 80 with SLI; that will make you laugh a little giggly. Once firing 3-way SLI and to play the game at the same setting at near 110 FPS .. you’ll giggle again, yet in a weird girlish gay kind of way, it surely is fun folks. No doubt about it.

Another GeForce GTX 280 Review…

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Expreview has just published a review about the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280.

Read the complete review HERE

We can note two interesting links:
Page 5: GTX 280 vs 9800GX2
Page 6: GTX 280 vs Radeon HD 3870X2

Firefox 3.0

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Firefox 3.0 is available. You can download it HERE.

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Release Notes
Firefox 3 FAQ

Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 34 months. This new platform includes more than 15,000 changes to improve performance, stability, rendering correctness, and code simplification and sustainability. Firefox 3 is built on top of this new platform resulting in a more secure, easier to use, more personal product with a lot more under the hood to offer website and Firefox add-on developers.

NVIDIA Tech Demo Download: Medusa

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The Medusa demo is a NVIDIA’s interpretation of the legendary snake-headed woman who’s venemous gaze turned her victims to stone. You’ll see we’ve taken a few liberties on this mythological tale.

Medusa Homepage
Medusa Download – 239 MB

Key Features:

  • Full cinematic short story rendered in real time featuring multiple characters in a complex environment.
  • Emotional character facial animation implemented with “texture buffers” allowing for unlimited blend shape combinations.
  • Realistic character rendering with multiple passes for shadows, skin shading, depth and color accelerated with “stream out”.
  • Dynamic stone “grows” through the generation of geometry on the GPU using “geometry shaders”.

irrKlang Audio Library 1.1.0 released

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NVIDIA ForceWare 177.35 WHQL

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NVIDIA has released today the new version of their ForceWare drivers for GeForce based graphics cards. These drivers support GeForce GTX 280 and GeForce GTX 260 GPUs ONLY.

ForceWare 177.35 WinXP 32-bit
ForceWare 177.35 WinXP 64-bit
ForceWare 177.35 Vista 32-bit
ForceWare 177.35 Vista 64-bit

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