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Buenzli 17

Buenzli, the Switzerland demoscene event has updated its website. The 17th edition will take place on 15/16/17 August 2008 in Winterthur (Switzerland).

Buenzli, la célèbre demoparty de la scène suisse a mis à jour son site web. La 17ème edition aura lieu les 15/16/17 Aout 2008 à Winterthur (Suisse).

The Best Graphics Cards for the Money: May 08

Detailed graphics card specifications and reviews are great — that is, if you have the time to do the research. But at the end of the day, what a gamer needs is the best graphics card within a certain budget.

If you don’t have the time to research the benchmarks, or if you don’t feel confident enough in your ability to make the right decision, fear not. Tom’s Hardware Guide has come to your aid with a simple list of the best gaming cards available for the money.

The Best Graphics Cards for the Money

Two 9600 GT cards in an SLI configuration will offer performance similar to that of a dual-GPU 9800 GX2, for a bit more than half the price. No matter how you slice it, performance is excellent at the $310 price point.

Spending more than $350 will provide very little extra in the way of performance. Two 8800 GTs will outperform the 9800 GTX or 9800 GX2 in the great majority of situations.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 and 260 Specs

GeForce GTX 280

  • 512-Bit
  • 1GB GDDR3
  • 240 Stream Processors
  • PhysX Ready
  • CUDA Technology
  • PureVideo HD technology
  • Full MS DirectX 10 Support
  • Open GL 2.1, SLI, PCIe 2.0 Support
  • 2nd gen. Unified architecture delivers 50% more gaming performance over 1st gen. through 240 shader processors

GeForce GTX 260

  • 448-Bit
  • 896MB GDDR3
  • 192 Stream Processors
  • PhysX Ready
  • CUDA Technology
  • PureVideo HD technology
  • Full MS DirectX 10 Support
  • Open GL 2.1, SLI, PCIe 2.0 Support


Palit GeForce 9600 GSO Sonic 768Mb

Palit’s GeForce 9600 GSO reviewd at

The latest graphics card to come out and confuse everyone is the 9600 GSO, this being 8800 GSs twin brother. I don’t mean twin in the sense that they kind of look pretty similar, but in the identical sense. This IS an 8800 GS! The thing is that not a lot of people know about the 8800 GS with limited companies choosing to jump on board (ASUS and XFX); it really didn’t get much recognition.

Adobe Flash 10 Adds 3D Support

Adobe’s Flash Player 10, code named “Astro”, is now available in beta on Adobe Labs for Windows, OS X and Linux.

With Flash Player 10 beta, developers can enable SWF content to render through the memory bandwidth and computational horsepower of the GPU hardware processor, freeing up the CPU to do more – such as render 3D content and intricate effects, and process complex business logic. No other browser runtime has these capabilities.

More info at Adobe.

Is Direct3D 10 on Windows XP Possible

There has been a firestorm of discussions on the topic of “Is Direct3D 10 on Windows XP Possible?” This article will attempt to provide an answer to this hot topic. The answer has already been provided by Microsoft’s officials on several occasions but regardless of the manner in which DirectX 10 functions in Vista, would the functionality provided in Direct3D 10 be possible to implement? The official answer is a resounding no[1] for the entire DirectX API, but what about Direct3D 10 which would be the only API of interest here?

Read the full article HERE

ATI Radeon 4800 launch details

TG Daily has published an article about the details of the upcoming ATI Radeon 4800 series.

In terms of performance, we heard some interesting claims. A 4870 should perform on par with or better than a dual-chip 3870 X2. Our sources explained to us that using a PCIe Gen1 controller 3870 X2 was a mistake, since the board was hungry for data and didn’t sync well with this interface. Don’t expect the ATI team to repeat that mistake with the 4870 X2. However, we admit that we have no idea what kind of connection two RV770 GPUs will have.