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Wavelet Turbulence for Fluid Simulation

Appearing in SIGGRAPH 2008.

We present a novel wavelet method for the simulation of fluids at high spatial resolution. The algorithm enables large- and small-scale detail to be edited separately, allowing high-resolution detail to be added as a post-processing step. Instead of solving the Navier-Stokes equations over a highly refined mesh, we use the wavelet decomposition of a low-resolution simulation to determine the location and energy characteristics of missing high-frequency components. We then synthesize these missing components using a novel incompressible turbulence function, and provide a method to maintain the temporal coherence of the resulting structures. There is no linear system to solve, so the method parallelizes trivially and requires only a few auxiliary arrays. The method guarantees that the new frequencies will not interfere with existing frequencies, allowing animators to set up a low resolution simulation quickly and later add details without changing the overall fluid motion.

Whitepaper – PDF

Thanks to tho for sending us the new.

HardwareOC release Crysis Bench V1.3

Crysis Bench is a front-side benchmark which takes advantages of Crysis – the famous game.The tool provides a robust reinforce to benchmark Crysis.The new version adds Random.exe creation function,and make some improvements on score list as well as some improvements in details.

To download the Crysis Bench V1.3 on official site click HERE.


ATI Catalyst 8.5

ATI has released the new Catalyst graphics drivers for Radeon GPU based graphics cards.

[French]ATI vient juste de sortir les nouveaux pilotes graphiques Catalyst pour cartes graphiques à base de GPU Radeon.[/French]

Catalyst 8.5 introduces the following new features:
• Catalyst™ Control Center Component Video
• ATI Graphics Driver Un-install Enhancement
• SECAM TV Out Support
• 1080p HDTV custom mode
• HDMI Audio for non-standard TV modes
• Adaptive AA on OpenGL for Catalyst™ Control Center
• 1080p24 Mode Support
• Windows XP Service Pack 3 support

Download for WinXP 32
Download for WinXP 64
Download for Vista 32
Download for Vista 64
Release Notes
Catalyst 8.5 For Linux @ Phoronix

R870 to spot 2000 shader processors?

A rumor claims that AMD is aiming for 2000 shader processors with the next high-end card, R870, which should also be a dual-GPU card, meaning 1000 shader processors in each of the 40nm RV870 GPUs.
Une rumeur dit qu’AMD va placer 2000 shader-processors dans son futur haut de gamme, le R870, qui devrait être aussi bi-GPUs (donc 1000 shader-processors par GPU RV870).

3DVIA Challenge – Be the Top Modeler!

Do you think you have 3D modeling skills? 3DVIA is proud to announce its first 3DVIA Challenge – a special bi-monthly contest to prove which of our users has the best 3D modeling skills.

Every other week (or so), we’ll announce a new 3DVIA challenge asking you to submit your best work based upon a set list of guidelines. Each challenge will be different and will have you testing your 3D modeling skills against thousands of other modelers. For our first challenge, we start with a very popular content type on the site…military vehicles under the theme of ” The Military Might”.


Paris Game Developers Conference 2008

French interview with Pierre Carde, Chief Executive of Paris GDC. GDC2008 will take place on 23/24 June 2008 at La Défense, Paris.
Interview avec Pierre Carde, Directeur Exécutif Paris GDC. La GDC2008 se deroulera le 23 et 24 Juin 2008 à La Défense, Paris.

La GDC s’adresse aux professionnels de l’ensemble de l’industrie du jeu vidéo, incluant programmeurs, artistes, managers, producteurs et responsables du développement commercial. Les conférences traiteront de problématiques d’intérêt pour l’ensemble des professionnels du jeu vidéo, qu’ils soient étudiants ou développeurs reconnus à l’échelle mondiale. L’événement attirera évidemment par son emplacement de nombreux européens, mais aussi des professionnels du monde entier qui voient là une chance unique d’échanger avec leurs pairs européens et du reste du monde.